Manga Kingdom Chapter 646: What is the end of Zhao

Kingdom animation is also exciting in the joint military edition. We are pleased to present the spoiler consideration of Kingdom 645 episodes, which will be published in issue of Thursday, July 2, 2020.

In the previous story, Kingdom Episode 645 , Ri Boku was released and a new Zhao King was decided. What kind of person is he drawn to, not just Prince Taika but the new King?

Also, although Ri Boku was released, will he be put in prison again in the future? I am looking forward to seeing what kind of development will be in Kingdom 646.

This time, I will introduce "[Kingdom latest story 646 story spoiler bulletin] Ri Boku will be released but the transition becomes Zhao King and what is the end of Zhao?"

The story of Kingdom 645, where Limaki was released, why don't you look back on Zhao's movements?

Spoiler Manga Kingdom Chapter 646

Finally, Li Maki was released in the Kingdom story. However, it was not the hope of Zhao-successor who was expected to be the next King, but the one who was mad because of the transition.

The fate of Ri Boku!? What will happen to Ri Boku? It would like to introduce the possible future development of Kingdom.

Will the fight with Zhao continue in the future?

Historically, Zhao has been extinct about six years after he dropped his bag. During that time, Hikiki attacks Zhao, and many battles have taken place.

With the release of Li Maki this time, it is believed that it will proceed as in history. Historically, the story is mainly about the knight.

This time, he will be crowned Yu Yu, and will appoint Li Maki as a general. The Yuuou King, who appeared for the first time last time, looked young, so it seems that Guo Kai will do the future politics.

In addition, I feel that I am more interested in the act of demeaning people rather than politics, because I treat people like slaves. Yes, there are many depictions that make me want to close my eyes more, like the early cypress.

Historically, Hiki was repeatedly faced with Li Maki and was repeatedly defeated. It depends on how this battle is depicted in Kingdom, but if you go according to history, the battle of "Hikiki vs. Limaki" will continue for a while.

I'm looking forward to the future development, whether there will be the Feishin Corps led by Li Xin, the Yuho Corps led by Wang Xin, the Rakuhua Corps led by Meng Li, or whether the 3rd Division will be heading to another battle.

The cause of death

A goddamn king who died from a sudden heart pain. It was a way of dying that could be sick or poisoned. The godless King is also known as a weak king. It is also possible that he died from drinking alcohol while bathing.

However, I think the conspiracy theory of someone is predominant because of the handsome men who tried to call a doctor and the current execution of Lee Maki.

Then who is it? I'm worried about that. I think that the criminal is unexpectedly open. Opening to bend anything. He must have the power in his own hands.

Isn't it possible for the transition who is already labeled as a fool to gain the real power over the mournful king who has grown up and moves the country according to his wishes?Isn't the truth about that also revealed from the mouth of Guo Kai?

Guokai sell Zhao?

As mentioned above, in fact, Qin continues to fight Zhao for a while. Moreover, the battle is defeated. Continued. You can feel the power of Li Maki.

It seems that Lee Maki alone would have a hard time, but it can be expected that Shiba Nao will also join. Because in historical fact.  Guokai confessed to Zhao Wang that "Lee Maki and Shiba Nao are planning a rebellion."

Is stated. Seeing only this, it seems that Li Maki and Hisashi Shiba were in the way for Guo Kai, but it is not the case. Qin, who was unable to capture Zhao, boiled his business and offered a large bribe to Guo Kai.

And he ordered the King of Yuu to convey the above words in order to obliterate the two who were in the way of destroying Zhao. After hearing this, Yu Yu will kill Lee Maki after this.

If it goes according to history, Zhao will be destroyed in this way, but how is it written in the Kingdom? Keep an eye on future Kingdom developments.

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