Fire Brigade of Flames Chapter 225 : What is the magnificent upbringing of Shinmon Benimaru?

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Fire Brigade of Flames Spoilers Chapter 225 Latest Story Consideration

In the previous story, the fierce fight between Benimaru and Brazier began.

I would like to introduce possible future developments.

The true intention of the brazier

The brazier's attack on the red circle does not stop. I think that the real thing about the brazier is that he is hated with his mouth and is worried in the depths of his heart like an Edo child.

The attack that involved Asakusa might have meant the intention of making Benimaru serious. I think that what I want to do to make Benimaru serious is to exceed myself.

Konniki called the brazier the man who loved Asakusa more than anyone else. Even if you think that the current Benimaru is not enough to leave Asakusa with such feelings, I believe that you can do it.

It should be desirable for the brazier to use Benimaru to counter the oversized sunlit horizon.

If you use Kogetsu like when you defeated the demon that appeared in Asakusa last time, it seems that you will be exhausted and you will be hidden in the shadow of the moon again in the brazier.

Is there a Navy Furnace participation?

In the conversation between Benimaru and Brazier, the name of Navy Furnace came up. The brazier said that Benimaru was intimidated by the navy kiln, but he was also relying on the navy kiln, so he would have been entrusted with the guardianship of the Benimaru.

In other words, the Navy Furnace is the key person who connects the two. He can't fight satisfactorily because of ash disease. However, if Benimaru is dying, he will try to stretch his body and try to protect him, and it is likely that the brazier will aim at the navy furnace to make him really serious.

I also mentioned the brazier, but because it's the role that "the effort is not endless".

What was the birth of Shinmon Benimaru?

The brazier said he had picked up Benmaru. The two have the same surname, "Shinmon," but they may have a relationship of adopted children rather than actual children.

It may not be a parent or child. It is a pattern in which fire-extinguishing masterpieces that protect Asakusa call themselves "Shinmon" for generations.

Asakusa is a group of people who inherit the customs and thoughts of the current nation, before the establishment of the imperial nation, so Shinmon's surname has some meaning and may need to be passed on to future generations. Also, Benimaru is the only bridging fireman among the capable people.

Rather than thinking that it happened to pick up such a talented child, it seems more likely that he was targeted and orphaned because of his special talent.

The surname of Shinmon, the encounter with the brazier, and the story of how to raise Benimaru are also likely to be highlights in the future.

Burns is the demon of the eighth pillar?

Eight pillars are planned to appear, and there is a rule that a flame bite will also appear beside it. Since the 6th and 7th lines have come out at the same time, the 8th line is likely to appear soon after this flow.

And if the flame bite can be a demon, the demon that is Barnes's Doppelganger is likely to appear near the eighth line. Foyen and Karim are now watching the Battle of the Red Circles.

If they are going to fight Doppelganger in Barnes, you may get some hints from this fight.

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